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123 DVD Gold Review

The Good: One of the simplest yet most effective DVD burning applications, carrying a range of useful features. 123 DVD Gold downloads movies directly from streaming sites. It has an impressive usability and also offers free trial. You will fall in love with the quality of DVD output that it produces.

The Bad: It does not burn or copy Blu-ray discs. You need to purchase 123 Copy DVD Platinum to get Blu-Ray Support. At times, it fails to recognise VOB files stored in your computer as valid media files. It is also unable to open some DVDs and shows an error that infers that the disc is poorly formatted. Finally, this DVD burner lacks a copy-protection removal feature that requires you to download a third-party application.

The Verdict: Simple, easy-to-use and supports a variety of output formats. 123 Copy DVD Gold is a strong contender for the best DVD burning software of 2018.

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What makes 123 Copy DVD Gold great DVD burning software?

123 Copy DVD Gold is a robust and easy to use DVD burning application designed for both casual users and advanced users. This software has a simple interface and is easy-to-learn.   It has great DVD burning programs that enable you to create duplicates and burn your DVDs as well as Blu-Rays for preserving your media library. 123 DVD Gold supports all smart phones and every type of media devices such as Android, iPad, iPod, tablets, smart phone, PSP and more. It enables you to transfer your favourite videos to your smart phone and copy them to Blu-Ray or a DVD so as to add to your media library. The unique features of 123 DVD Gold have made it quite popular worldwide.123 DVD Gold is ideal for beginners as well as professionals for cloning, copying and editing movies. 

123 DVD Gold comes with an upgraded decryption option. Its latest format convertors enable you to download and burn music and videos from YouTube, Vimeo and similar other sites. All you need to do is copy the URL of the video of your choice and paste it into Copy DVD Gold so that the application can download the video to your computer. The ripping features of 123 DVD Gold can copy and convert any DVD Video. While ripping a commercial DVD, you need to download and set up a third party application for copy-protection before putting in the disc. This DVD ripper can rip a DVD movie of feature length only in half an hour.

123 Copy DVD Gold enables you to create brand new video files from the files that have been ripped from a disc or downloaded from the internet. It comes with a DVD Video Builder that allows you to make new movie DVDs and data DVDs. At the same time, it enables you to wipe out rewritable discs so that they can be used by you again.

Here are the other useful features of 123 Copy DVD Gold:

  1. Consists of CSS decryptor that breaks encryption for backing up your media library. It also breaks the region code of the original DVD so that it can be played in all countries.
  2. Creates video compilation immaculately.
  3. Its excellent editing tools enable you to edit your videos easily. You can add colors, effects, and crop unwanted scenes out of your video with Copy DVD Gold’s editing tools.
  4. Enables you to make new disc from the file and to convert the same file into a format that is supported by your computer, smart phone, gaming systems and tablets.
  5. Comes with an inbuilt video editor.
  6. Allows you to copy only the main film from any commercial DVD leaving out all unnecessary features such as trailers.
  7. Supports various devices such as Xbox and iPods.
  8.  Allows you to remove region codes. It is an essential feature if you want to play your DVD in any country.
  9. Easily transfer videos to your smart phone.
  10. Copies flawlessly from old and scratched DVDs.
  11. Can rip a VOB file from a DVD easily.
  12. Adds videos to your media library by copying them to DVD or Blu-Ray.
  13. Enables you to record, edit and burn videos from your webcam so that you can share your media library on social media such as YouTube and Facebook.
  14. Version 10.0 of 123 DVD Gold is compatible with Windows 8 OS.


123 DVD Gold secures your media library perfectly. If you are looking for a user-friendly DVD video burning software, that helps you preserve your media library by burning and creating your own DVDs, your search ends here as 123 DVD Gold makes accurate 1:1 copies of any and every DVD, Blu-ray and even TV programs from your media compilation.

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Why choose 123 Copy DVD Gold as your DVD ripper?

  • User-friendly.
  • Simple to understand and user-friendly for casual users; robust enough for professionals and advanced users.
  • Multiple advanced features.
  • Converted files are playable on all types of digital media players.
  • Fast and functional.


Specifications and system requirements:


  • Extract selected content.
  • Mobile device support.


Support Features:

  • Email
  • Blog
  • FAQ
  • Live Chat
  • Forums


Export Video Formats:

  • AVI
  • MPEG
  • DVR-MS
  • WMV
  • TiVo

Recordable Formats:

  • DVD+R DL
  • DVD+ R/RW
  • DVD-R DL
  • DVD-R/RW

Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP


Mobile Devices Supported;

  • BlackBerry
  • iPod
  • Other Cell phones
  • PSP


System Requirements:

  • Processor Requirements: Intel or AMD Athlon 800MHZ (1.1 GHz recommended)
  • RAM: 512 MB RAM (1 GB RAM recommended)
  • Hard Disk Space: 4GB
  • Burner/ Driver Requirements: DVD+/-R(W), DVD DL+/-R



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