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ESO Killer Guides Review

The Good: From the most professional institution of gaming guides, come the ESO Killer Guides. Whether you are looking for a specific class guide, a PVP guide, Gold guide of crafting guide, the guys at Killer Guides have them all. 

The Bad: No in-game application such as the ESO Zygor guide available. All manual reading.

The Verdict: A perfect set of ESO class, crafting and gold guides for those wanting to become masters of Tamriel. On top of that, the ESO PvP guide is tailored to those interested in becoming the best gladiator out there. If you're interested in the classic guides to give your game the extra edge, look no further. The guides from ESO Killer Guides are an excellent choice.

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What makes the ESO Killer Guides amazing?

The guide-engineers (yes, you can call them that) of ESO Killer Guides are some of the most experienced guide crafters in the world. For practically every game, ranging from World of Warcraft and Star Wars the Old Republic straight through to Elder Scrolls Online, these guys have created them all. 

Killer Guides offers a wide range of ESO Guides, all specialising in their own area:

  • The ESO Crafting Guide shows you how to become a master of your trait without wasting time or resources. It will teach where to gather your resources most efficiently and how to use the most effectively. 
  • The ESO Killer Guides DragonKnight guide teaches you how to become a true warrior. Whether you are interested in the best gear setup for your specific play-stile or wanting to become the best PvP gladiator in Tamriel, the ESO DragonKnight Guide will show you the way.
  • The ESO Nightblade guide teaches you how to perfect your stealth techniques and surprise attacks. It will explain the best builds for your Skill Tree and will teach you how to get those big DPS shots in PvP. 
  • The ESO Templar guide is your mentor to becoming the best healer or tank of Tamriel. The tips in this guide will turn you into a one-man powerhouse worthy of respect as it will teach you the way of the Templar.
  • The ESO Sorcerer guide illuminates the path to the highest range DPS hits or the best minion setup in all of Elder Scrolls. And it will explain the best gear setup for whatever play-stile you prefer. 
  • The ESO Gold guide does what the name promises. If you are looking to make most gold in the shortest amount of time to get that epic gear, this is the guide for you. 
  • The ESO leveling guide is your guide from level 1 to 50 in under 5 days. It will show you the fastest way to reach your level cap without missing out on the lout and fun. 
  • The ESO PvP guide is for the gladiators amongst us. Are your driven to not defeat, but crush, your enemies? Then this is the guide for you. 


Clearly, when it comes to ESO KillerGuides knows what they’re doing and are worthy second in our comparison of the ESO leveling guides. With such a wealth of knowledge waiting to be yours, this is the solution to create the most epic character in Tamriel. 

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