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Typing Instructor Platinum Review

The Good: The travel theme is very engaging. There are also lots of fun typing games to keep you entertained through the learning process. It offers detailed progress reporting, showing how you advance through the program.

The Bad:  Learning how the program is set up takes a good amount of time. It is not as intuitive as our number one product but this negative can be overcome with less than 15 minutes of use.

The Verdict:  In our review of the best typing software in 2018 we didn’t find any software that offers the unique travel theme and the typing games seen in this software. This ensures that you will get unrivalled entertainment while staying motivated as you learn how to type.

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Why is Typing Instructor Platinum great typing software?

With Typing Instructor Platinum, you get different typing plans for all kinds of students covering both beginners and experts.  The typing courses are made of typing drills, lessons, tests and game challenges. Each of the lesson focuses on helping you build your keystroke memory. This is very important if you are going to excel properly at touch-typing.  This typing practice software achieves this by using repetitive keystrokes and keystroke sequences to help you train your finger to naturally pick out fixed set of keys. Your typing speed and accuracy will increase a great deal with proper finger-to-key memory development.

To start using this touch typing software, the first step is to choose a typing plan, after which you will choose your virtual destination.  The software comes in three different travel teams and there are 36 travel destinations for you to choose from. The software shows you what keys you are expected to learn with every lesson after you have chosen the plan you are working with. You are expected to complete a drill, accuracy exercise, speed building and a game based on those particular keys. At the completion of each lesson, you will get a random word test after which your virtual passport will be stamped for your chosen destination.  The lessons on the Typing Instructor Platinum are cumulative. This means that the skills taught are built on previous lessons and these become more difficult as you head forward into the program.

The arcade section of this typing software offers over 30 games. This is much more than what other software we looked at in our comparison of the best typing software were able to offer. The games are not just colorful and enjoyable they are very relevant to keyboarding learning.

Using the Typing Instructor Platinum, you can easily create and import any practice test of your choice to use in the program. The built in music in the software helps you develop typing speed and rhythm.  As you learn, your progress is saved meaning that you do not risk losing your results.  The software keeps an eye on your weak typing skill areas, directing you to the right exercises and lessons that will help you improve in those areas. 

The software can be used by people of all ages and up to 5 users can work with the software on one license. This is not as many as what is allowed by our #1 software but it is still decent for small groups and families. If you need multi-license versions that are suitable for corporations and schools for instance, you will need to contact the manufacturers directly.

Using Typing Instructor Platinum, you get to enjoy its versatile reporting capabilities. This includes words per minute results and accuracy. As you progress through the software, your progress is tracked in 6 different ways. This includes, key, finger and hand. With poor performance in these areas, you will be asked to repeat specific lessons that are targeted towards that particular area of typing.

The software allows flexibility in goal setting. Before starting the program, you will be required to take an assessment which will help you go through your current word per minute level. At the end of the assessment, you get offered typing goals based on your skills. You can also enter your own goals if you do not want the automatically generated goals.

With Typing Instructor Platinum, you get decent cover in terms of support resources. The customer service resources include a product knowledgebase and an online FAQ section so all general questions regarding this program can be solved by reading through any of them. You can contact the manufacturer directly on phone or via email. The product tour will also do a good job at telling you what you need to know about using this good typing program and how to reach certain menus. 

Why choose Typing Instructor Platinum?

  • Ability to import your own practice tests
  • Customizable typing plans
  • Progress and results monitoring
  • Motivational features
  • Built in music for developing speed and rhythm

System Requirements

Windows System Requirements

  • Pentium P4 and higher
  • Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2000
  • 580MB Hard Drive Space
  • CD-Rom Drive
  • 800x600 16-Bit or Higher Display

Mac System Requirements

  • PowerPC G4, G5 or Intel Core Duo Processor; 800MHz Processor or higher
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
  • CD-Rom Drive
  • 580MB Hard Drive Space
  • Video card with 32MB of video RAM
  • 1024x768 resolution

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