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Ultimate Typing Review

The Good: The software has video instructions, a great library of exercises and games, a great user interface and the ability to track performance. Training modules are comprehensive and multi user accounts are allowed. It is the golden standard for the best touch typing software.

The Bad: The software doesn’t support recommended goals for individual skill levels. Although a negative aspect, the other features found in this top typing program make it worth its place on our list.

The Verdict:  With the ease of use and effectiveness of this software, you will have to look long and hard to find a product that offers the same level of performance as this software. For the amount it is sold for, it is very good value for money. 

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What makes Ultimate Typing great typing software?

Ultimate Typing properly teaches touch-typing with the aid of detailed videos. The EasyLearn feature of the software makes the teaching technique very straightforward, improving the effectiveness of the software. With each video lesson, you will get to watch a new typing concept and how you can perform it on your own. The numerous typing exercises that follow the video will make it easy for you to develop the skill discussed. Using the EasyLearn feature of this software, you will achieve double the typing speed in comparison to an individual practicing a set series of drills.

The typing practice software comes with 9 detailed courses and each of these is focused on helping you improve a certain typing skillset. Some of the skills covered are beginner typing, typing accuracy, numeric keypad training etc.  With the beginner course for instance, you will be able to learn the right finger to key movements while building your memory recall. With the advanced typing course, you will be able to boost speed and accuracy by practicing letter combinations that are used the most.  All of the courses are made of several lessons and hundreds of practice sessions all geared towards helping become better at typing.  

The typing learning experience is enjoyable and advantageous due to the number of amazing features that can be found on this wonderful software. One important feature to note is the adaptive learning feature.  This is geared towards ensuring that you milk each lesson for what it’s worth.  With the adaptive learning feature, your progress is tracked continually, thereby customizing your learning experience. With this feature, you have to attain a certain skill level or else the software will continue to prompt you to repeat the exercise or lesson.

Yet another intriguing feature of this software is that there is no limit to the number of users that can work with this software.  Every user’s progress is tracked individually as they all get separate logins.  Other software will only allow a few users on one license making Ultimate Typing the only truly multi-user typing program ideal for use in families or in study groups. The interface of this software mimics windows and thus, it is intuitive and straightforward to use for virtually anyone.

The reporting functionality for Ultimate Typing is virtually unrivalled.  This makes it easy for you to know how you are progressing and how well you are performing on the different lessons and programs.  The accuracy percentage and the words per minute ratio are two important pieces of statistics to know why learning to type. Ultimate Typing tracks both of these including your adjusted word per minute rate. The adjusted WPM is simply shows you how your WPM rate is reduced by the number of errors you make while typing.  The accuracy percentage of the software makes it easy to see how precise you are with your typing.

There is adequate cover in the customer support front. During our review of the most popular typing software in 2018, we found out that the software manufacturers are always on hand to answer any query you may have over the phone or via email.  If the query is non-specific and non-technical, you can be sure to find the answers in the supplementary manual that comes with the typing program.

Why choose Ultimate Typing as your typing program?

  • Detailed and quality training videos
  • Over 200 expert designed lessons
  • Advanced progress tracking
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Very modern and easy to use

System Requirements

The software will work on the following configurations:

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Mac OS X

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