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Yamaha FG730S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar Review

The Good: Value for the money, quality of build, the unexpectedly great sound are just several things that make the FG730S such an amazing guitar. 

The Bad: One of the rare guitars that is simply flawless. However if you want to nitpick, an additional strap button would have been nice. 

The Verdict: It's hard not to buy the FG730S, whether you are a beginner or intermediate guitar player. This guitar over delivers in every way imaginable, and will be the only one you will need for a long time. 

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For a model that has a 40 year long successful history, Yamaha FG series acoustic guitars keep delivering that incredible performance we are all used to. The same goes for the Yamaha FG730S. The guitar stayed true to its roots, offering a crisp sound, great build quality and overall versatility. It's a guitar with a tradition, and a name that was rightfully earned through all these years. 


The design hasn't changed much compared to the previous FG models in the family. Yamaha FG730S comes in several different color schemes, with the vintage cherry sunburst being the absolute favorite. The fretboard is standard rosewood and the binding on the sides definitely adds to the feel of the guitar. The neck and fretboard are fast enough, while the dreadnought design produces an incredible tone that can easily compete with more polished and expensive guitars out there. 


Overall build quality is simply outstanding. It's not Yamaha's top model, but the FG730S has no flaw. Even though the bracing far from cutting edge, the guitar feels sturdy enough and well put together. You will have a hard time finding a flaw on one of these, no matter how strict your standards are. 


  • Dreadnought style 
  • Sitka Spruce Top
  • Rosewood back and sides 
  • Rosewood fretboard and bridge


Yamaha FG730S deserves only words of praise. For its price, it delivers more than anyone could have hoped for. The quality is incredible, the sound is outstanding to say the least, and the whole package just seems right. Unlike it's the case with other guitars, you will actually have to work hard to find a reason not to buy one of these. They are simply that good. 

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Yamaha FG730S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar